Thursday, October 20, 2011

really miss those peeps

salam dari hati ke hati

21 oktober 2011.. my anniversary at University of Malaya..
ya allah times is running out..
seriously please clock
please slow down
and take break from your race..

next week on 29 oct is my convocation day...
it's hard for me to finish my master research...
research is a journey.. it's depend on on our luck whether we are lucky or not
but foe me my experience was very thoughtful and full of "air mata"
every journey have a different story to tell other..
but actually i'm feel very grate full for this journey
and actually excited to came to my big day..

alhamdulillah, all my colleague also had they convocation also..

what do you aspect
we register in same semester and graduated together..
maybe ours was a victim of the system or our faith to get this
but this really makes sense to me and my friends
1st times in our life kot... huhu
to my colleague congratulation babe..
best of luck for next journey (PHD) and life..

but actually there most important person was my back bone to finish that journey..

first person when i register my master
kak nor, kak daren, kak ct.. seriuosly kakaks.. without your torture
i couldn't finish my journey..
thanks guys

they just like my sister n family in my life.. a lot of thing you have been done for me..
actually those torture was my inspiration for me to go further in my life..
all those your kindness and loveliness to me i cannot pay in many way..
just the full love and some pray for good life for you guys..
(seriously i'm sobbing right now)

then this people comes to my life..
those adik2
waaa so excited..(ham, aida, ima and shikin)

but they also give me some strength and give their shoulder
when the life get harder and no one understand what am i feeling..
these people willing and layan my jalan2 cari makan thing with me..
know my tears.. know my feeling.. my heartbroken story
be there whenever and what ever happen to me..
thanks sayang..
hope you will succes for submitted master thesis and viva.. amin..

there other people is
kak ani, kak alin kak dayah..
they give me some advise about life about what is love about
how to live the better life..
they also always patient and can accept my rudeness
anything all about me.. thank you kakak

because always by my side..
give some good advise
teach me how to be good person
and always there when i need you
a lot of love also for those you kakaks

also to other post graduate member.. en sapiee, en asham, pak tutut, iwan, ustaz lah..
they also always give me some advise.. torture me also (hehehe)
but i know they do so because they love me in many ways..
thanks to you all abg2..

these is those people was significantly affect to my master life
as i say before, research is a journey..
these people know my journey, know my life
understand all about my life..
thank you so much..
hope we all success in our journey and graduate in flying colours..

now my journey in phd life..
i hope in my journey, i can find friends like u all guys..
it's hard to find the best friends like u guy..
thank you so much..
i love you all
muah2 (it's that really necessary?)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

jawatan kosong kat uthm

salam dari hati ke hati

just menyampaikan je

jawatan kosong di pejabat penerbit UTHM:
1)pegawai takbir (penolong pendaftar N41)
kelayakan: ijazah sarjana muda
2)penolong pegawai teknologi maklumat F29
... kelayakan: diploma IT
3)setiausaha pejabat N27
kelayakan: diploma setiausaha
pada yang berminat boleh la menghantar resume anda di: atau faks: 07-4536145
sebarang pertanyaan boleh la hubungi kami di no.talian: 07-4537454 =D

Thursday, October 6, 2011

bussy bee

salam dari hati ke hati

serius bussy
pening sejak jd student
nk on9 fb pon mcm rase erkk..

sebab assignment melampau byk
this sem amik 3 subjek
1. kualitatif
2. teknologi
3. kurikulum

kualitatif ade 3 assginment besar, every week ade assignment kecik2 (eg: bace article n precise it for next class)
teknologi ade 2 assignment besar, every week ade 2 assignment kecik2 (satu hantar hri isnin, satu discus hari khamis)
kurikulum ade 1 assgnment besar, every week pon ade assignment discus dlm kelas.

week 1: bermula khamis dpt assignment kualitatif n teknologi dlm kelas then discuss and precise.. then kat e-learning dapat article for next class.. sabtu kelas kurikulum, discussion dpt profarma, then dpt assignment for discussion next class
isnin, hantar reflection for technology class last week.. selasa n rabu baca article for thursday and some for kurikulum class
then class.. dapat assignment dlm kelas lagi mcm biasa dapat article for online mcm biasa..
then jumaat precise for curiculum class.. then on going ade 6 assignment besar

so derive how busy i am..
next week plan moving to kl permanently for good near to UM and easy to access journal..
this week moving all my stuff from pt raja to seremban... sigh!!

IkanThink: look like someone got a little bit weight loss... hehehe..